Thursday, April 22, 2010

Year Of Movie-- and winners!

Hey--get to the Earth Day Fair early, like at 11, so you'll have plenty of time for the penultimate Year of North American Indigenous Peoples movie at 2 pm. Today's offering is the 1994 film Sioux City, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as a young Lakota man who was adopted as a child by a wealthy Jewish couple and raised in Beverly Hills. He knows very little of his Lakota cultural heritage until he receives a mysterious package. It's an amulet, sent by his birth mother from the reservation in Sioux City. He goes to meet her and discovers that she's been murdered. He starts to investigate her death and meets with resistance from the local authorities. Finally, through the intervention of his grandfather, a shaman, and a young Lakota woman, he begins to learn about his people's customs and is even able to contact his mother's spirit.

According to public services librarian Karen Preslock, we got so many great entries this month in our "Year Of" contest that it was hard to narrow it down to just one first place winner and one second place winner! The first place winner, Cathy Wilson, wins TWO t-shirts and a 4-gig flash drive for her outstanding review of the movie Oceti Sakowin! Two second-place winners were chosen, Kirsten Rodning for her review of Dances with Wolves (we love her title: "Conceited or Truly Noteworthy?")and Randolph Hicks for his review of the book All-American--the rise and fall of Jim Thorpe. Both Kirsten and Randolph will receive a t-shirt and a 1-gig flash drive. A third-place winner, Chesley Torrance, reviewed Spirit Rider. Chesley will receive a t-shirt.

Congratulations everyone!

The big drawing for the Wii will take place TODAY in the library around 4:30 pm. Good luck!

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