Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More environmentally-friendly printing tips...

Along the lines of what I was writing about yesterday: check your print settings. If it has to look nice, by all means use the high-quality setting. If it's less important, use the draft setting. We've gone through a lot of ink in these printers this school year!

I mentioned yesterday about using the highlight-and-print selection method when printing from a Web page. Here's another idea. Do you really need to print out that page? Can you save ink and paper by bookmarking it instead? If you're not on your own computer, try an online bookmarking site like delicious.com. (While you're there, check out some of our library's accounts: RCSS for general student success links, RCEDU for education students, and RCBUS for business students). Alternatively, you could do what I do: if I see a web page that interests me, I'll often email the link to myself so I can check it later. Sometimes I start a Word document and list the urls for myself, or even copy and paste the information I need. Then I can just store it on my flash drive.

Reinhardt is one of the few colleges in this area that doesn't charge its students for printing...yet. Let's be conservative of our resources, and maybe we can help keep it that way for as long as we can. Helping the environment is a side benefit!

(Thanks to kaboose.com for the cute clip art!)

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