Friday, April 23, 2010

Scarier than finals...

Good luck on those finals everyone! There's an eerie quiet in the library this morning, after all that frantic activity of folks working on papers and presentations and gearing up in study groups for the big tests. I expect to see a few of you back in here after this morning's exams. Let me know how you did! And when you finish up those finals, before you leave to go home, please do come by to tell us goodbye. Check the blog over the summer and stay in touch.

I thought I'd share with you an email you might find at the very least amusing as a study break, or perhaps an example of something at Reinhardt that is scarier than finals week!

Back around Halloween, I posted this entry in which I shared some Reinhardt College ghost stories, and I asked if anyone had any personal paranormal experiences to tell about. Last week, I got a reply from a current Reinhardt student. Here is his story (his name and identifying details have been removed to preserve his anonymity):

Yes, it is 4am but hey it's the weekend and I want time to chill and relax before the school year lets out! But I wanted to share with you... I, am a witness to MANY of these haunting events. :)

Cobb Hall - I have seen the little girl. She is blonde, hair length below shoulders... wearing a light blue dress above the knee. White ruffled socks with cute black shoes. Typical.I have seen her... TWICE. Once outside, skipping and trodding back to Cobb from Gordy, I suppose. And once inside. I heard her giggle once through a vent. Man, no kidding, those vents carry like no other! When you hear a little girl giggling at night, you know something's out there.

Gordy Hall - I have not seen Captain Reinhardt, sadly enough.

Paul Jones Hall - hehe, I don't think it's "against the rules" but I have snuck in there one time with an old R.A. from last semester. It's true: the faucets DO turn on by themselves. There is also a room conjoined by another room... with an open closet. Very weird and frightening to me. I haven't heard the janitor, but I have felt his spirit on the top floor. I picture a black janitor for some reason, and his spirit felt shy and discomforting... like he was begging to be left alone.

Lake Mullinax - Last semester, I witnessed something IN the lake. A glow - about a blue/greenish glow. It doesn't fill up the whole lake, but a big spot near the middle. This can be viewed from upstairs in the big theory classroom, or out of the class piano room. I saw the glow from the distance...outside. It was like a "standing tall" glow.
I am going to say this, and I am honestly telling the truth here - there is splashing. No, not kids playing in that gunky water having fun, drinkin' a couple of beers late at night, ACTUAL splashing. And they are big splashes. Some sort of THING lives in there... My personal guess is a huge, long abnormal beastie like a snake. I nickname it the sea monster.
I also have a good friend of mine who has witnessed the glow, splashing, and a quick glance of the lake monster.
There are also ducks...very loud, annoying, ANGRY sounding ducks late at night...
Around midnight, there is always a cat in the parking lot sitting sideways while its head is turned 90 degrees staring at you as you come out of the side of the music building. This semester, instead, there is a brown rabbit sitting in the middle of the green at midnight. I've also witnessed it at 2:30am, once, just sitting there...
I have also witnessed loud, screeching, roars coming from the lake. I know this is now sounding REALLY silly but I am dead serious. No, it was not the AC turning on...Not it was not a car. It was coming from the lake. That is actually the night I first saw the glow illuminating from the lake.

FPAC - oh man, where do I start? This 5 - year old building is haunted already. The "phantom of the fpac" is actually a female, and her picture is located at the top of the marble stairs. She is said to have died and the spirit followed the picture to the FPAC when it was donated. Her spirit now resides there, and her spirit is normally felt in the concert hall, and/or upstairs.
A lot of people have reported to end up tripping on those stairs.
At night in the atrium, if you stop and listen closely, there is this soft tapping noise that seems to be coming from the corner of the atrium where the communications door is.
In one of the grand piano practice rooms, the piano slide cover goes down and covers all 88 keys automatically without you having to touch it. I only witnessed this once though when I walked out of the practice room and came back in 2 minutes later to find the cover already covering the keys from dust.
The vents - a few times noticed, there is this really soft high squeeling noise coming from the vents... it lasts about 15 seconds, then followed by an EXTREMELY FOUL smell... I was with a group of friends in the common room when we first experienced it. We also witnessed a tall black shadow figure, and a white/grayish medium tall figure walking back and forth past the common room door late at night.
We also witnessed the squeeling noise/foul smell coming from other various rooms.
In room 111 (band room) there is a loud "whoooooooo" sound when it is storming/windy.
If you are in the main hallway (not the hallway by the studio or practice rooms) you can swear you can hear music (mainly piano playing), laughter, drinking, and merriment going on in the air (like a small, sophisticated party). But as you walk more and more, the further it seems to be away, as if you're walking away from it. I have witnessed this MANY times and it is creepy.
No matter what the temperature is in the FPAC, the choir room is always at least ten degrees colder than normal...
My personal witness: I was in my car about to leave when I saw two orbs floating around in the band room. I saw them through the window. They were flying pretty high in the air. One was black and other were grey in color.

Well, that is all I have for you... i will let you know if I found out anything else. Thanks! Hope you had fun reading this! Tell your friends!
I did have fun reading this, Anonymous Commentator! ::shiver:: Thanks for sharing!

If any of you decide to take a break from studying late at night this week, and you decide to "blow off steam" by going ghosthunting, be careful! And drop me a line if you spot anything!

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