Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Earth Month!

Earth month, you say? Not Earth Day?

Well, it's going to be Earth Month this month in the library. This blogger decrees it (and I have ever so much pull here, you know).

Check out our display of environmental books on the second floor of the library. You'll find everything from that conservation classic The Lorax to practical tips on green living and green businesses.

Some of you have asked me if we're going to have another contest this month like our Black History and Women's History trivia contests. I'm working on that. In the meantime, check this blog and the white board every day for some easy things we can do to try to live a little "greener."

The first tips I'd like to share have a direct impact on all of us here in the library. They have to do with saving ink and paper!

Did you know we have stacks of scratch paper next to each of the library printers? They usually have one printed side and one blank side. If you're just printing out notes for your own use, not a formal paper, you can ask the staff member at the desk to load some of this paper so you can print on the clean side. That's some easy recycling! Even easier: take some of this paper and staple it together to make your own pads for taking notes in class. Cheaper than buying a notebook!

Also, when you're printing only part of a page, such as some information from a Web site, you can always highlight the information and choose "print selection" rather than "print all." That way you don't end up with a lot of wasted paper. If you do end up with some wasted paper, put it in the recycle stack instead of throwing it in the trash. We also have a recycle bin next to the paper cutter.

If you have a number of pages to copy at the library copier, ask a staff member to show you how to make double-sided copies.

If we all try to be a little more conscious of the paper we use (and I need to work on this as much as anyone), not only can we help the environment, we can also stretch out our resources here and keep printing and copying as inexpensive as possible!

I hope you all had a GREAT Easter! I'm already looking forward to Spring Day on Thursday. We'll be having a "Year Of North American Indigenous Peoples" trivia contest and giving away some of those sharp-looking t-shirts. Remember, too, that we are in the last days of our BIG "Year Of" contest. There are only 10 days left! One of you kids is going home with a Nintendo Wii. Who's it going to be?

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