Thursday, September 30, 2010

Student worker in the spotlight: Q&A with Sam Morton

Sam Morton is an 18-year-old freshman graphic design major from Ranger, GA. She comes to Reinhardt from Sonoraville High School, where she was captain of the Academic Bowl team and editor-in-chief of the yearbook, as well as participating in Key Club, Beta Club and the Photography Club. We lucked out at the library when we hired Sam as a student worker. She's stepped right into some of our special projects and quickly made herself indispensable around here! I know I wouldn't want to do without her.

Readers of this blog know Sam from her guest post about the Humans vs. Zombies game. You may have seen her in the library, too, wheeling around book carts piled high with materials she's been helping us process. I recently asked Sam to take a break from all of her hard work and answer a few questions for me. So, without further ado, let's get to know Sam Morton!

Why did you choose to attend Reinhardt University?

The campus is absolutely beautiful and everyone I've met here has been so nice. It's been so easy to make friends, and I get the feeling I'll have these friends for a very long time. And the art program here is astounding.

What prompted you to apply for a student worker position at the library?

I wanted to work in the library because libraries are some of my favorite places. I love being surrounded by all the books. It's like stepping into a different world.

Tell me about some of the activities in which you've been involved since coming to RU.

I work in the library (obviously), I'm a member of the Anime Club, just participated in Humans Vs. Zombies, and I'm also trying to start a yearbook for next year.

What's the best thing about Reinhardt so far?

The people. Everyone here is amazing and the teachers really know what they're doing. Coming to Reinhardt was probably the best decision I ever made.

What's the best thing about the library?

You, of course! :D And Michael. And Joel. And Keershton. And Stephanie. I love you guys!

Aww...(blush).. we're kind of fond of you, too. What are your favorite books?

The Harry Potter books have been a huge part of my life and they are definitely my favorite. I love all of them. They're absolutely fantastic. But the Ender series by Orson Scott Card is also fantastic... but so is all of Ray Bradbury's work. And Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, that's a great book. Oh! And Kurt Vonnegut! I love him. I also really love Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

How about a favorite movie?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
It's Jim Carrey's best work. (He's also my favorite actor, if you were wondering.)

What do you want to be "when you grow up?"

If I could have my way, I'd read books for the rest of my life. But unless I want to edit them as well, that's not really a possibility. Editing books would drive me insane. I can't stand grammatical or spelling errors. I'd like to be a photographer, but yet again, that's something that might be a little out of my reach. So majoring in Graphic Design and getting a job in advertising is where I am right now. I want to be the person behind the logos that we see every day. That unknown person with the small, yet surprisingly significant, work that is taken for granted.

Anything else?

I like answering interview questions, obviously. :)

Thanks, Sam! It's a pleasure to have you on board!

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