Friday, September 24, 2010

The eyes have it...

Reinhardt students! Here's another chance to win a nifty "Year of Oceania" t-shirt!

Study this picture of a French Polynesian tattoo. Count how many eyes are in it. Send your answer to Stephanie Olsen, library staff member and "Year of Oceania" representative, at sfo "at", or come to the library and put your answer on a slip of paper and put it in our jar. The one with the closest number wins.

According to Stephanie, the Marquesan and Lapita cultures believe that tattooed eyes give all-seeing protection. The more eyes the more protection.

All Reinhardt students are eligible. If there is more than one correct answer, we will draw three names.

The t-shirts are light blue with the turtle logo (designed by Stephanie).

Good luck!

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