Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mail Call! (Something besides bills today)

As you may or may not know, writing this blog is a "side gig" for me at the library. My major responsibility here is handling the serials department. As a result, I often get more mail than anyone else here--not because I'm popular, but because I get to check in all the magazines and journals and newspapers we get in every day. It's kind of a fun job because I get to read the really interesting articles first (shhh).

Today's mail call was an extra-special treat, because today's Cherokee Tribune had a front page article about the various farmers' markets being held this summer. The Waleska Farmer's Market at Reinhardt University was prominently featured! Check out the article. (I understand Professor Elizabeth Smith thinks the cover model is "devastatingly handsome," but you didn't hear that gossip from me). Don't forget to attend the grand opening of the market TOMORROW starting at 4:30 pm in the parking lot of the old Waleska Baptist Church. Library employees Stephanie Olsen and Nikki Preslock will be among the featured vendors!

Another pleasant delivery today was my copy of "Under the Bell Tower," the Reinhardt faculty and staff newsletter. I always enjoy reading about my colleagues and their accomplishments. What a lovely surprise to see THREE library student workers featured! There was a photograph of 2010 graduate Kirsten Rodning presenting her paper at the Convocation of Artists and Scholars and one of her fellow graduate Brielle Chinn donating items to Goodwill. Awwww! I am really going to miss those girls! There was also a picture of student worker Kelsey Floyd, #44, featured with her teammates on the Lady Eagle softball team. The women's softball team won the AAC championship this year (as did the men's golf team)! Way to go!

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