Friday, May 14, 2010

Library users: wouldja like to take a survey?

Hello! TGIF everybody!

I really appreciate the members of the Reinhardt community who read this blog or visit our Facebook page! You make it all worthwhile!

Today I am asking for your help. As some of you know, I am responsible for the serials department at the Hill Freeman Library. I'm the one who takes care of the print magazine, journal and newspaper subscriptions.

The new fiscal year is coming up, and I want to make the best possible use of our serials budget. We have been able to eliminate paying for many print subscriptions by finding databases that offer the publications online in full-text; this allows us to conserve our resources. Of course, there are still many periodicals that are only available to us in print format.

This is YOUR library, and I want to make sure I'm ordering the journals that you want and use. If there's a magazine we're getting that no one reads, I'd rather eliminate that subscription and put the money to better use elsewhere.

Please take a few minutes and respond to this survey about your magazine and journal use. If there's a title you'd like to see, please let me know!

Thanks for your help in making our library the best it can be! Help me spend our money. ;)

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