Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Year Of" Movie TODAY at the Funk- Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy

The Year Of North American Indigeneous Peoples film series resumes today with the winner of the 2006 Best Documentary award from the American Indian Film Institute. The Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy features the talents of James Earl Jones (as the narrator) and the great Wes Studi.
The film gives a detailed account of the events following the implementation of Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act. Nearly a quarter of the Cherokee Nation is said to have perished on the long walk to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. Hence, the Trail of Tears, or more accurately in the Cherokee language, "the trail where they cried." It is a dark chapter in America's history, but one that needs to be told and understood.

As always, remember our ongoing contest. See one of our "Year Of" films or read one of our "Year Of" books. Write a brief review and submit it to librarian Karen Preslock at One winner and one second place winner will be chosen each month. Both will recieve "Year Of" t-shirts, and the first place winner will also receive a flash drive. At the end of the year, all entrants will be entered into a drawing to receive a Nintendo Wii. The more often you enter, the better your chances of winning, and the more you will know about the people who lived here before us.

The movie will be shown at 2 pm in the Funk Heritage Center.

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