Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Save the date: Artists and storytellers coming January 14!

Hello! We have a time and date now for the speakers from the Cherokee Nation. Thursday, January 14th at 1 pm on the third floor of the library, artists and storytellers Robert Lewis and Gina Burnett will be speaking.

Robert Lewis is employed by the Cherokee Nation as a school and community specialist, conducting classes and offering services in art, culture and storytelling. As a boy, Lewis's imagination was fired by the traditional stories his father shared with him, inspiring him to learn the art of storytelling for himself. He has performed onstage, at festivals and on television, sharing the ancient stories of his people with new audiences. He also teaches art and Native Crafts, and holds a degree in Fine Art from Northeastern State University.

Burnett is the Outreach Coordinator for the Cherokee Heritage Center in Park Hill, OK. She is also a storyteller and a potter. Her work, Birth, shown, was honored at the 2009 Trail of Tears Art Show at the Cherokee National Museum in Tahlequah, OK.

Don't miss the chance to hear these two talented speakers from the Western Band of the Cherokee!

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