Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Come check out Dr. Wheeler's article in The Georgia Historical Quarterly!

Congratulations to Reinhardt Associate Professor of History Dr. Kenneth Wheeler and library favorite G. Richard Wright on the publication of their article "New Men in the Old South: Joseph E. Brown and His Associates in Georgia's Etowah Valley" in the Winter 2009 issue of The Georgia Historical Quarterly. This publication is not available online, but we have it here on our shelves.

Dr. Wheeler and Wright's article talks about Civil War-era Governor of Georgia Joseph E. Brown (a Canton resident!) and his business interests. Not much has been written about Brown's early life in this area. Brown himself tried to cover up his prosperous beginnings, preferring for political reasons to portray himself as the son of poor farming folk, not as a savvy businessman with interests in milling, mining, railroading, land speculation and manufacturing. It is arguable (and Wheeler and Wright do) that this experience is what best prepared Brown for his success in the economy of the 'New South." Come read about local history that has been long-forgotten--until now!

(The article also features a snazzy photo of Richard near the remains of a furnace once owned by Gov. Brown. This picture was taken by Reinhardt Assistant Professor of Art Jym Davis)!

Bravo, gentlemen! Reinhardt is proud of your accomplishments!

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