Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Year Of" Movie: "Fort Apache" 2:00 TODAY at the Funk

Greetings, Reinhardt! I hope everyone attended the Body and Soul Expo today in the Glass House and got their flu shots! The Expo is going on until 3 p.m. Go now and get your shot, and then head over to the Funk Heritage Center at 2:00. You can recuperate while you check out the 1948 John Ford film Fort Apache, starring John Wayne and Henry Fonda.

The storyline is based very loosely on the Battle of Little Bighorn and the Battle of the Hundred Slain (aka the Fetterman Massacre). Wayne stars as respected Civil War veteran and Cavalry officer Captain Kirby York. York is expected to receive the command post at Fort Apache, however he is passed over for the position in favor of Fonda's character, Lieutenant Colonel Owen Thursday. Thursday is a West Point graduate and a Civil War general who, despite his military training and record, lacks experience and understanding of the Native Americans he is expected to oversee.

When a corrupt government agent causes unrest among the Natives, Thursday rejects York's counsel that he treat them with respect. Thursday refuses to address their grievances and defends the agent, exacerbating the situation and driving the Apache into open revolt. Things pretty much go downhill from there...

Fort Apache was one of the first movies of its kind that attempted to portray Native Americans in a sympathetic light. Library director Michael Martinez will be on hand for the showing today, and he'll offer some insight as to the accuracy of the portrayal.

Go to the Expo, take care of yourself, and then go to the film! I got my shot today. Did you get yours?

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