Monday, October 12, 2009

Grad School at Your Own Alma Mater: Reinhardt's graduate programs discussed.

This is the second installment of my summary of Reinhardt's recent graduate school workshop.

Many of our graduates will further their education at institutions all over the country. Some may even study abroad. And some will pursue a graduate education a lot closer to home, at Reinhardt College's own master's programs. Currently Reinhardt offers a master's degree in Business Administration and a master of arts degree in teaching. Representatives of both programs were on hand to offer their insights.

Assistant Professor of Business Dr. Katherine Hyatt spoke about the MBA program. Reinhardt's first MBA degrees were awarded last spring. Now the third MBA cohort is enrolled at our North Fulton campus, and a fourth cohort is being considered for the Waleska campus. (A cohort is a group of students who progress through the program together and take the same classes at the same times).

The program is tailored to working adults; classes are offered one night a week. In most MBA programs, it is recommended that a recent college graduate spend some time in the workforce first. Reinhardt does reserve a few slots in its program for Reinhardt grads. Still, Dr. Hyatt said, they do encourage students to get work experience first.

Reinhardt MBA hopefuls need to take the GMAT, and Reinhardt does offer workshops periodically to help you prepare for the test. For more information, see MBA program director Dr. Richard Brisebois.

Assistant Professor of Education and MAT Coordinator Nancy Carter spoke about the master's of arts in teaching program, now in its first year with one cohort at North Fulton and one cohort in Waleska. This graduate program is geared toward students whose undergraduate degree is in a subject other than education.

"These are people who have decided after studying other things and working other places, that they want to teach. Everyone in the program has a story of how they realized they wanted to teach," Ms. Carter said. "We do have seven graduates of Reinhardt College in the program." The GACE is required, and workshops are planned to help students prepare for the test.

"We're very excited about [the program]," Ms. Carter said. "If you think you're interested, don't hesitate to call me or e-mail me!"

Of course, I would like to remind you that we do have study guides for both the GMAT and the GACE available at the library!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more coverage of my grad school workshop coverage, with tips from Dr. DeAngelis, Dr. Santoro, Dr. Crawford and our own Karen Preslock!

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