Thursday, October 29, 2009

TWO "Year Of" events today at 2 pm

Greetings! It's my pleasure today to tell you about TWO events happening on campus this afternoon, both of which tie into our "Year of North American Indigenous Peoples" observance.

Of course, we have our weekly film series, shown at 2 pm every Thursday in the Funk Heritage Center. Today's offering is Geronimo: An American Legend. This 1993 film stars Wes Studi as the Apache warrior, and features Jason Patric (of Lost Boys fame), Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall and Matt Damon, and was directed by Walter Hill.

In the film, the Apache Nation is chafing under the government's orders to settle on a reservation and adopt a lifestyle alien to their culture. Several Apache are fed up with the government's broken promises and decide to strike back. Under the leadership of the warrior Geronimo, a group of Apaches go on the attack to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. The movie dramatizes the events leading up to Geronimo's capture in 1886.

Library director Michael Martinez will be on hand to discuss the film and answer questions. Remember, if you attend you can write a brief review and submit it to Karen Preslock for entry into our monthly contest!

Also at 2 pm will be the Chapel Moment for this month. Today chapel will meet in the Echo Garden rather than in Hagen Chapel. The Reverend Ed Swehla will lead a presentation on Native American worship. For more details, contact Chaplain Leigh Martin. It should be a beautiful day for the service.

It's a shame to have to choose between these events, but whichever one you attend, I'm sure you'll get something out of it!

Type to ya again tomorrow, when I will be dressed as a Historical Figure, the subject of a movie currently in theaters! Until then...

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