Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween (and All Saints' Day)

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has a safe weekend, whether you're partying at the Monster Mash tonight, handing out candy tomorrow night or scaring up some fun some other way. Your blogger is going to Netherworld haunted house tonight if she doesn't chicken out. It's pretty remarkable that we have one of the best (regularly ranked in the top 2) haunted houses in the entire country practically in our backyard.

As for spooky tales literally in our backyard, I've been talking with Reinhardt folks who've told me about "Catherine," who haunts the Administration Building, the strange bumps in the night at Gordy Hall and the terrifying something in Paul Jones. I also have witnesses who swear the drawers in Captain Reinhardt's desk open on their own sometimes. I understand the good captain himself has been spotted on campus sometimes, although I prefer to believe the college's founder is enjoying a more peaceful, well-earned repose. (Even if he does feel the need to check in with us, I think he'd be pleased with what he saw, don't you)?

However you celebrate All Hallows' Eve, take some time on Sunday to remember your lost "saints," and be grateful for those who came before you.

Happy Halloween from your friends at the Hill Freeman Library & Spruill Learning Center! (Look around for me today--I'm the one dressed as Amelia Earhart).

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