Thursday, April 9, 2009

Further Adventures of the Reinhardt Anime Club...

Hello again!
I gave the Reinhardt Anime Club a plug earlier, but I thought it would be nice to sit and chat with some of its members for tonight's blog. It's Thursday night, after all, and the club meets every Thursday at 6 pm right here in the library.

This is the club's third year in existence at Reinhardt, but the first year they've met in the library. It's been a mutually-beneficial arrangement. The club members get to kick back on the comfy couches in our Media Room and enjoy the best of Japanese animation on our large screen TV, and we get the benefit of their advice when it comes to developing our anime collection. In fact, the club has even contributed to the collection. They were the champion trivia team at this year's Late Night Breakfast, and used their winnings to buy episodes of "Stellvia and "Appleseed", which they then donated to the library.

Library director Michael Martinez is the anime club's advisor. "They're just a great bunch of people," he said.

Robert Small, who serves as co-president along with Derek Moon, says the club is open to anyone and everyone. "We don't discriminate. Everyone is welcome." The club officially has about 15 members. According to Small, the club makes an effort to participate in all college activities such as Fall Day, Spring Day, etc.

"We've also been to [Anime Weekend Atlanta] for the past couple of years, which is always interesting," Small adds.

According to the "Grand High Flunky" (Small's designation for club officer Carl Lilja), the club tends to have its first meeting of the year within the first few weeks of school. A campus-wide email is distributed listing the films the club plans to show that year.

Small says he enjoys anime for its distinctive art style, its attention to continuity, and especially its strong character development.

"You can have different levels of anime, some for kids, some for adults," adds club member (and library student worker) Brielle Chinn. "Anime can suit just about anyone's interests."

"There's a kid inside each and every person on the planet who cries out to be entertained," Small says. Anime, he says, satisfies that kid's need, but doesn't insult the adult's taste and intelligence.

Want to see for yourself? Come join us on Thursday nights!

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