Friday, April 3, 2009

The Library's Spring Day Booth

For those of you who might have missed it, yesterday was Spring Day. It's an annual celebration at Reinhardt when all day classes are cancelled, and the students, faculty and staff gather for Varsity grub and various fun activities. There are usually a few inflatable moonwalk-type attractions. This year there were booths offering airbrushed tattoos, funky hairstyles, flower pens, doughnut races, Mediterranean desserts and tote bag painting, among other things. The library sponsored a "Q&C" booth: question and cookie. I had various library-related questions in a Cookie Monster-shaped cookie jar. If a person could answer the question, he or she was rewarded with cookies and milk. If the person didn't know the answer, we gave them the answer--along with cookies and milk!

Here's what the booth looked like:

Sign by the multitalented Nikki Preslock:

"C" is for cookie...

Had to promote the blog of course...

"Yes, sir! Would you like to answer a question for a cookie?"

Another satisfied customer...

The library staff got to take a break and enjoy the day's offerings! Here director Michael Martinez offers advice to the chess players.

Of course he gave in to temptation and played a game, while Joel Langford returned the favor and lent him a hand. Or was he heckling him?

Stephanie Olsen molded her hand in wax.

Is there no limit to the ways your loyal blogger will humiliate herself for the library? Just kidding--doesn't my hair look AWESOME?

"Say cheese!"

"That's all, folks!"

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