Friday, January 23, 2009

Special Manga Collection Available for Checkout!

For the uninitiated, "manga" refers to a type of Japanese graphic novel or comic book, usually intended for adults, and characterized by highly stylized art. This is not to be confused with "anime," which is motion-picture animation in the same style.
Devotees of both manga and anime will feel right at home at the Reinhardt library. Library director Michael Martinez is the advisor of the Reinhardt Anime Club, which meets Thursday nights in the Media Room . The library has anime titles in its DVD collection, including Blast Angel, Moon Phase, and Samurai 7 (based on the classic film The Seven Samurai by director Akira Kurosawa, Samurai 7 shares the same source material as the popular Western movie The Magnificent Seven).
Thanks to the generosity of Reinhardt student Bo Higgins, who agreed to lend his collection to us, the library now has over 200 manga titles available for checkout. These include such popular series as Full Metal Alchemist, Deathnote and Trigun, as well as this blogger's favorite, Ranma 1/2. The manga collection can be found near the Reference section on the second floor of the library, and manga books can be checked out for a week at a time.
Whether you've been a fan of anime since your childhood days of watching "Speed Racer," or if the entire manga genre is new to you and you're wondering what the fuss is about, stop by to see what we have to offer! For more information about the anime club, see Michael Martinez in the library.

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