Friday, January 30, 2009

Student worker spotlight: Amy Ross!

For senior Amy Ross, Reinhardt College is more than her alma mater. It's practically a family tradition.
"I am related to Joseph Astor Sharp who helped found the college, and my grandfather's mother was in the first graduating class from Reinhardt," Amy told me. She and her sister, Judith, a junior Education major, consider themselves to be "legacies."

Amy, a Biology major, has plenty of history of her own with the library. She's unique among our student workers as she's toiled here all four years of her college career. In fact, she likes to tease some of the newer staff members (including this blogger) that she has "seniority" over us. Amy works at the circulation desk and also helps Stephanie with the interlibrary loans. Amy says she enjoys working at the library because the hours are flexible, and "the staff in the library are wonderful people to work with." (Thanks, Amy--the check's in the mail). She adds that working in the library has helped her learn how to do research the right way, and she's also learned that "librarians are not as boring as people seem to think." (Um, again, thanks, Amy).

"I learned who I truly was at Reinhardt," Amy says. "The college gave me the freedom to be able to express myself and find out what makes me inspired."

We appreciate the hard work Amy has done for us, and are truly going to miss her next year when she heads off to medical school.

"Amy Ross ... is one of the best, if not the best, student worker we have had in the library in my 23 years working here," says librarian Joel Langford. "She is smart, friendly, dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. We will miss her when she graduates, but I know that she will be successful throughout her life."

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