Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Student worker spotlight: Drew Childers

By now, it's probably not a secret that we think the library has the BEST student workers.

The Hill Freeman Library & Spruill Learning Center is a friendlier place thanks to Drew Childers. What else would you expect from a guy who says he likes to work here because of the "chance to talk to people that I would ordinarily never meet?" During the past year and a half, Drew's sunny personality and friendly and helpful nature have made an impression on students and staff alike. The Waleska native is an asset to the library team whether he's working on a special project or manning the circulation desk.

Drew is a Communication Arts major and Political Science/Pre-Law minor, and is considering becoming an attorney one day. His favorite class at Reinhardt, he says, was probably Constitutional Law, "because of the great Supreme Court cases and rulings." Drew stays on top of current events, and when he is not busy with his library duties or studies, he can often be found researching political figures and determining their position on various issues.

Drew lists Jesus, his parents and his late grandfather among his personal heroes. He credits his time at the library with teaching him responsibility and the value of hard work. He says the greatest thing his time at Reinhardt has taught him is to trust in God and His plan for his life. "I have also learned to treat everyone I meet with respect," he adds.

"Drew is my 'knight in shining armor,'" says public services librarian Karen Preslock. "He is always there when I need him. It is not often that I find myself counting on other people, however, I know I can always count on Drew. I throw all sorts of special projects at him, oftentimes with little or no instruction, and he does a 'bang up' job and always with a smile and always in a timely manner. Sometimes we collaborate and come up with some pretty good stuff. He is a GREAT researcher, and I keep telling him he needs to be a librarian (or maybe a detective or FBI or CIA agent).

Now that I have learned that Drew is interested in law, I have suggested that he look into the US Patent Office. Drew would be great as a Patent Examiner or Patent Attorney, and the USPTO also offers up cash incentives to go to law school if you agree to work for them for a few years." (To learn more, see US Patent Office Careers).

Karen adds, "Whatever Drew decides upon, he will do a great job and be very successful and become a true asset to his employer."

We're proud to have ya, Drew!

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