Friday, February 6, 2009

Library blogger OUTED!

Sigh.. the anonymous library blogger has been outed now, on flyers all over campus. Yes, it is I, Amy McGee, the serials assistant who usually hides in the archives room. I expect to see horns and moustachios doodled on my picture in the next few weeks, but if one of those flyers brought you here, it was worth it. Welcome! Feel free to browse previous blog posts, and I hope you will come back often. I'll be posting regularly with library-related snippets and observations, and I welcome suggestions and feedback.

Little-known facts about me? Well, I'm in my second year working here in the library. I'm a Waleska native, an alumna of Cherokee High School and Oglethorpe University, and a former newspaper reporter and editor. I love libraries, books and writing. I once edited romance novels online. I wrote a really dreadful mystery novel one year during NaNoWriMo (you'll be hearing more about that in November). I'm also a huge geek, so if you ever want to get into an argument over who would win in a fight between the Borg and the Death Star, look me up. (Hint: Death Star). I love the Reinhardt community--faculty, staff and students--and I'm very happy to be here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Homecoming! Go Eagles!

(And thanks, Karen, for the great-looking flyers)

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