Thursday, February 5, 2009

Student Spotlight Errata / Update: Amy Ross, part 2

Amy Ross, whom we previously profiled in this blog, spoke to her family and got the real information about her relationship to the Sharps. In the spirit of truth and to placate relatives, here's the scoop as I understand it:

Apparently, our Amy and her sister, Judith, are direct descendants of Joseph Madison Farrell Sharp, the younger brother of Reinhardt co-founder John James Augustus Sharp. Joseph Madison Farrell Sharp was a faculty member and on the original board of trustees for Reinhardt.

JMFP had six children who attended Reinhardt and graduated in the first four classes. Among them was Amy's great-grandmother Maude Ethel Sharp. One of Maude's brothers was Joseph Astor Sharp, who later became the first president of Young Harris College.

Amy says she is also related to the Reinhardt family at least by marriage, as the Sharps and Reinhardts intermarried quite a bit.

Thanks to Amy and her family historian uncle for clearing this up. Don't worry--you don't have to be as intimately connected to the school as Amy to attend here. We welcome all students to come and start their own Reinhardt traditions!

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