Friday, February 6, 2009

Looking for cheap thrills? Check us out! ;)

I was surfing LexisNexis today and found several articles which corroborated a theory of mine: that libraries see a spike in usage whenever there is a recession (for a particularly good article, see Canada's The Globe and Mail for January 26). Partially this is due to people using our resources to look for jobs (hint hint). Partially this is because people can't afford to keep up their Internet connections at home (this blogger is feeling that pinch), and they want to use the library's computers. Another reason is that people are turning to the libraries for cheap entertainment. Hurrah!
College students don't even need a recession to look for ways to save money. In the mood for some light reading as a break from your assignments? Browse our Leisure Reading section on the second floor, or search eBrary and Netlibrary from your on-campus computer. Want to catch a flick but don't want to pay for a ticket or a Blockbuster rental (not to mention the gas for a trip to Canton)? We have movies available on the third floor for checkout. In fact, if no one is using the Media Room, you can grab a couple of friends, kick back on the couch and watch your movie here on our big screen. (Just make sure there's not a class scheduled)!
Speaking of watching movies in our Media Room, the college sponsors some great foreign films here in association with our Year of the Meditteranean. Next Friday at 1:30 pm, they'll be showing Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets. On the 20th, it'll be Rachida. Check here for more updates!

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