Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I ain't 'fraid of no...

Who ya gonna call?

Hello, all! I want to thank you all for taking my survey about your serials use. I am currently preparing my subscription "shopping list," and checking prices on the titles you requested. I will do my best to get as many of those in some format as possible.

In the meantime, here is something for your amusement. I assume you've seen the '80s classic movie Ghostbusters. (If you haven't, stop reading this right now and remedy that situation). The movie opens with a memorable scene in the reading room of the New York Public Library.

Fast-forward 26 years (yes, it really has been that long). The New York Public Library, like most libraries these days, is facing budget cuts. The library wanted some cool, inexpensive way to get some publicity and remind people of what a great treasure it is. They decided to hire Improv Everywhere (a group well-known for flash mobs and stunts such as the pantsless subway ride and the great "people wear blue polo shirts and invade Best Buy" caper) to stage a happening in the library. The result was this clever tribute to the library's famous movie role:

You can read more about the event and past Improv Everywhere performances at their official website.

Shout-out to Jen at epbot.com for cluing me in to this one!

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