Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's movie, and other notes

It was nice to see members of the community at today's "Year Of" movie, and of course to see a few students there as well! I understand that some of you can get class credit by coming out to see the flicks. You know,you can also go to the movie and write a review for our contest. I saw the T-shirts today, and even strained my blogging muscles by helping unload them from the boss's truck, and let me tell you, the shirts look sharp. I'll upload a picture soon!

I'd never been to the Funk's theater before. It definitely added to the atmosphere, and was a perfect setting in which to watch the movie. I enjoyed the movie too. If you missed it, come by the library to check it out. Thanks to Michael for his commentary too; he really helped put the story into context by providing some background information.

Tomorrow is College Colors Day! I'm dressing the blog in Reinhardt blue and gold for the occasion.

Oh! I just used the blog to help someone with an assignment for her R.H.C. class. She needed to know some Reinhardt history. Always happy to help!

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