Thursday, February 24, 2011

Screenwriter visits the Hill Freeman Library

It was wonderful to see so many of you here yesterday for the visit by screenwriter Brenda Fontaine! We had a full house for the table read from Ms. Fontaine's script for The Magic Man. The script was delightful, and so were the actors, including Wayne Glowka, Cassie Wright, Jamie Thomas and Connor Williams as the Magic Man. This particular script focuses on a seriously ill young mother, a writer of adventure stories, who determines to bring one of her adventures to life as a last gift to her family.

While there was little she could say about it due to nondisclosure agreements, Ms. Fontaine revealed that she has recently signed a contract for a new film, Harry's House.

The audience, which I believe consisted mostly of creative writing students and other aspiring writers, was excited to hear Ms. Fontaine tell the story of how she get her start as a screenwriter. Since writing her first script less than 5 years ago, she has found her passion. Writing "defines her life," as she put it. A natural storyteller, Ms. Fontaine says her ideas begin in fantasy but soon become rooted in her personal experience. She writes, she said, from the universal experiences we all share.

While Ms. Fontaine has written poetry and prose, it is screenwriting that is her natural medium. She credited the screenwriting guides by Syd Fields with helping her learn the nuts and bolts of the craft, and some classes she took from Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson (On Golden Pond) with changing her life. She promised she would give Dr. Donna Coffey some information about these classes, so please see Dr. Coffey if you're interested in taking some. (I know I am).

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