Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review of our library, by an actual user!

A marketing student at Reinhardt wrote the following paper for a class. We obtained permission to share it here! All views expressed here are his:

The Library

Over the past few years at Reinhardt University, I have used the library many times. This past semester I took eighteen hours so I was in the library three to four nights a week. I feel that the library is a great service that is provided to the students by the university. The library's many resources and tools help students to better complete their schoolwork, study, or use the internet.
In my opinion, the best thing about the library is the twenty-four hour internet access. Not everyone on campus has their own laptop, and I think that it is great that the students here have a place to go to get on the internet whenever they need to. Also, the internet in the residence halls can be very bad at times, and it's nice to know that one can just go to the library if they really need to use the internet.

The research tools that the library provides are very helpful as well. One tool that is very helpful are the databases that provide copious amounts of information on various subjects. I have used these databases on numerous occasions, and they are great if one is scholarly source that is reliable. Google and Wikipedia aren't alwys trustworthy, and these databases are a solid source of legitimate information.

Books are another great source of information. There is a librarian on duty until 11 pm [Monday through Thursday],...and he or she will be able to help one find the book that they are looking for. Although the selection of books is not that great, it is sufficient enough to do research. One can also check out books for leisurely reading. The fees for late books are not very severe, either. I accidentally kept a book for an entire summer once, and I think the fee was about six dollars.

The library is also great for studying. There are cubicles on the third floor, which is usually deserted, that students may use to study their books or notes from class. This is a great alternative to studying in one's room, which can be very distracting at times. Overall, the library is a great tool for success at Reinhardt. One is able to have unlimited amounts of research at their fingertips twenty-four hours a day. The staff is very helpful if one needs to find something or use the hole punch machine or stapler. I do not have any serious complaints about the library. My main concern is about the noise level on the second floor. This is the room with most of the computers and it can become crowded at times. Occasionally people will begin to talk too loudly or even play music using their cell phones. This can be very distracting, and depending on who is working at the time, something may never be said to the noise polluter. Other than this small problem, I think the library is one of the best services that Reinhardt offers its students. A survey of various Reinhardt students revealed that approximately 80% of students thought that the library was a sufficient resource for students to enhance their learning experience. This survey had a relatively small sample size and the data may not accurately reflect the opinion of the student body of Reinhardt University as a whole.

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