Thursday, January 27, 2011

Year of Oceania Movie Today

If you're looking for some entertainment this afternoon, don't forget today's Year of Oceania movie, "The Year of Living Dangerously," starring Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. The movie will be shown today at 2 pm in Tarpley 213.

This 1982 Peter Weir film is set in Indonesia in 1965. Journalist Guy Hamilton (Gibson) is a foreign correspondent on his first assignment. He makes key contacts in the form of a Chinese-Australian photographer named Billy Kwan (a male character portrayed by a female actor, Linda Hunt) and a British diplomat named Jill Bryant (Weaver). Bryant and Hamilton fall in love. When Bryant learns that the Communist Party of Indonesia (the PKI) are planning to overthrow the government with the help of Communist China, she warns Hamilton so he can escape before the bloodshed. Hamilton instead wants to stay and cover the rebellion and the overthrow of President Sukarno.

Linda Hunt won an Academy award for her portrayal of Kwan. The movie was banned from being shown in Indonesia until 1999.

Dr. Theresa Ast will be on hand to lead discussion of the film and answer any questions.

This is an excellent opportunity to enter the Year of Oceania essay contest! All you need to do is read any "Year Of" book (available in the library), see any "Year Of" film or attend any "Year Of" event. Write a brief review of the book, movie or event and submit it to Stephanie Olsen or Michael Martinez in the library. One winner will be chosen each month to receive a free "Year of Oceania" t-shirt with the turtle logo.

Another way to win a t-shirt is by entering our monthly trivia contest. This month's question:

New Zealand has a healthy population of marine mammals, thanks to its extensive coastline. What are the three main groups?

Stop by the library to fill out a form with your answer. All correct answers will be put into a drawing. Don't forget to include your phone number! Good luck.

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