Thursday, July 29, 2010

Salamanca students pleased with Reinhardt experience

Thursday, July 23, was the last day the students were here at Reinhardt from the University of Salamanca's graduate program. A couple of the students agreed to let me follow up with them about the experience. My thanks to Sandra Reynolds and Marilyn Rodgers!

Marilyn Rodgers was born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico and Florida. She has lived in Kennesaw with her family for 18 years. She teaches Spanish to middle schoolers at Mount Paran Christian School. This is her first year in the University of Salamanca's program.

Sandra Reynolds is originally from Ecuador. She teaches Spanish at East Bay High School in the Tampa Bay area. She is in her second year of the program.

Check Us Out: What your impressions of Reinhardt?

SR: Excellent. You all treated us with the best quality of service we could get. The apartment was comfortable, the environment healthy. I could breathe clean air. I like that the use of the gym facility was included. The only thing that I missed was a recycle dumpster for plastic and aluminum.

MR: I was pleased with Reinhardt and the surroundings. It is a lovely campus and everyone is friendly. I like the idea of being on a college campus for this program. It feels genuine and in keeping with higher learning.

Check Us Out: Did you use the library while you were here?

MR: I went to the library to inquire about the information I needed to be able to access the databases from my home. I received the help I needed with no problem. I noticed many computers available for use, and some of my colleagues were taking advantage of the resources available. The library was clean and quiet.

SR: To check out a video, to navigate the Internet, to copy very important material. When I needed to order a video online, Mr. Martinez helped me personally, and it came in two business days. I also liked the easiness to let us come to the library and make copies in and out of business hours when we needed! Some professors emailed us new material after hours, and we needed to be prepared with those for the next day.

Check Us Out: What, in general, are your impressions of the Salamanca program?

MR: It is a great collaboration with challenging and engaging content as well as expert instructors who guide the students and offer practical ideas that can be implemented in our classrooms. I think it will help me become a better teacher buy giving me more insight into the history of the language and culture of Spain. Additionally, I can use the examples of pedagogy as I have experienced them and modify them for my students.

SR: I learned a lot, and I expect to apply it in my classes. The attitude of the professors was great, a good example for us in our interaction with our students.

We at the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center wish all of the students and professors from the University of Salamanca well, congratulate the graduates, and look forward to seeing the rest of the students again next summer.

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