Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Year Of" movie today: "Skins" (TIME IS RUNNING OUT!)

Today's offering in the Year of North American Indigenous Peoples film series is "Skins," a 2002 film by acclaimed Cheyenne director Chris Eyre. "Skins" is a gritty and moving story of two brothers on the fictional Beaver Creek Indian Reservation in South Dakota, a place very like the Lakota Pine Ridge reservation where the film was shot. Rudy is a tribal police officer who witnesses firsthand the oppression and despair faced by most of the reservation's population, including his brother Mogie. Mogie is a former football star and a wounded Vietnam veteran, an unemployed alcoholic with a teenage son. Rudy attempts to save his brother from his own self-destructive path, but when circumstances become extreme, Rudy has to go on his own quest to avenge his family and seek justice for his people.

The movie will be shown at 2pm in the theater at the Funk Heritage Center.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT for our "Year Of" contest! The deadline to enter for this month is March 15. We have yet to receive any entries. If we get just one, that person will win a flash drive and a t-shirt! EVERY person who enters will be eligible for the drawing next month for the Nintendo Wii. Your chances are EXCELLENT--but you have to enter! Just see "Skins" or any "Year Of" film or read any "Year Of" book, write a brief review and send it to Karen Preslock at Did you see one of the films in your class? Send the paper you've already written! We'll take it! TIME IS RUNNING OUT. You could start your summer vacation with a new Wii! See any staff member if you need more details.

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