Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Virtual Irish Vacation, courtesy of your library

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm sure you understand if a blogger named McGee has more than a passing fondness for this holiday. I wish I could take you all to Ireland for the day (or at least to Savannah), but I imagine most of us are pretty much stuck on campus this March 17th.

So I'll try to do the next best thing. Go to Global Road Warrior and look up Ireland. While this database is particularly geared toward the business traveler, there's plenty here for the pure tourist--even the virtual one. You'll find all sorts of facts at the ready, from customs to folklore and widely-held stereotypes, from maps to travel tips to places of interest.

Take a break from your studying today and spend a few moments checking out the photo gallery. Here are just a few images to whet your Irish appetite:

Wasn't that nice? Better than a pint of green beer? Well, more suitable for 9 am on a work day, at any rate.

This virtual Irish vacation has been brought to you courtesy of your library and Global Road Warrior. Please keep us in mind for all your travel daydreams. We now return you reluctantly to your schoolwork.

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