Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Year Of" Movie TODAY at 2 pm: Crazy Horse

The Year of North American Indigenous Peoples committee would like to invite all of you to come out to today's film, Crazy Horse, about the Lakota warrior who helped defeat General Custer at the battle of Little Bighorn. The 1996 biopic from Turner Pictures was nominated for two Primetime Emmys and an Eddie award from American Cinema Editors USA. The movie will be shown in the theater at the Funk Heritage Center. Library director and "Year Of" chairman Michael Martinez will be on hand to offer his comments and answer questions. This will be the last "Year Of" movie for the semester.

Remember: write a review of any "Year Of" book or movie, and you could win a t-shirt, a flash drive or even a Wii! Click here for more information about the Year of North American Indigenous Peoples and the contest!

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