Thursday, December 3, 2009

More help for the panicked-- from Reinhardt's own Dr. Emanuel!

Here are some finals tips from Dr. Catherine Emanuel, Director of the Center for Student Success at Reinhardt:

Like voting, studying should be done early and often. If you feel as if you do not understand the material, come to the Center for Student Success or tune in to your Reinhardt email for study groups that are occurring throughout this week.

Mix it up---Take different approaches to studying. Read, copy notes, make outlines, teach difficult concepts to other people in the class, make mind-maps for difficult to remember material. Figure out your best learning method--hearing, seeing, teaching, speaking, writing, synthesizing notes--and make use of that technique.

Do not pull all-nighters! Make a To-Do list and reward yourself for studying and for reading, but do not expect to retain all the information you glean from last-minute cramming.

Study different parts of the upcoming exam in different places. By changing locale, you can remember where you were when studying and you may dredge up the material by associating setting with material.

Ask professors to explain difficult concepts, and also ask them for the format of the test. You will study differently for a multiple choice test than you would for a discussion one.

Eat healthily and get plenty of rest. Postpone your social life for a week and a half. The friends will still be there, but the opportunity to do well in the course will not.

Dr. Emanuel has also provided us with a list of review/study sessions being held today. They are:

Dr. Martinez's Old Testament final exam study session: 2 and 3 pm in Tarpley 109

Dr. Ast's History 111 final exam study session: 2 pm in Tarpley 111

Dr. Wheeler's History 251 final exam study session: 4 pm right here in Library 311

Take advantage of these study sessions, and stop by the Center for Student Success in Lawson 35 if you need more help. Throughout the semester they have tutors to assist you, as well as advice and support on how to make the best of your academic career at Reinhardt. They have the tools to help you succeed!

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