Thursday, June 25, 2009

New database! Latino Literature!

I mentioned it yesterday, so I thought I'd better tell you a little more about it! Yes, we have more new databases available than just the dramatic ones. Latino Literature is also from Alexander Street Press, and looks to be a really good resource. It contains more than 105,000 pages of poetry and fiction (and yes, there are currently 380 plays too--there will be over 450 when the collection is complete).

There are some works from the 19th century, but most offerings date from the Chicano Renaissance (1960s and '70s) to the present. The works are presented in their original language: English or Spanish, although when the author produced the work in both languages, both are included. Chicano, Puerto Rican and Cuban authors are well represented, and the collection includes writings by Argentineans, Dominicans, and other Central and South Americans as well. Supplementary materials are included when feasible--such as playbills, book covers and photographs--and are linked to the texts. There are even some rare recordings of theatrical performances. Approximately a third of the collection is rare or previously unpublished.

These works reflect a variety of immigrant and intercultural experiences, the challenge of identity and the struggle for economic, social and political advancement.

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