Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Everywhere I travel, Greece wounds me."

I love that title!

Just a reminder about the Year of the Mediterranean lecture today at 2:30 on the third floor of the library. M. Todd Harper of Kennesaw State University will be discussing Cultural and Historical Travel in the Poems of C.P. Cavafy and George Seferis.

In Dr. Harper's own words: "It should be of no surprise to travel is an important theme in modern Greek literature. Historically, Greek travel literature has always been about the journey outward to obtain a goal in order to make the more important trip home. Jason and the Argonauts seek the Golden Fleece,while Odysseus and his men, having fought in Troy, travel back to Ithaca. Similarly, many modern Greek poets, most notably C.P. Cavafy and George Seferis, pick up the theme of the journey back home to ask what is "home" and what does the journey ultimately mean." In this illustrated talk, Dr. Harper will examine how C.P. Cavafy and George Seferis attempt to understand the journey as a metaphor for life and home in an ever-changing Greece.

Dr. Harper is an associate professor of English at Kennesaw State, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in rhetoric and writing. He first became interested in Greek rhetoric and
literature while researching and teaching on the Greek island of Corfu on a Fulbright scholarship. Currently he is working on a book that examines the rhetorical nature of the Byzantine liturgy.

Thank you to Dr. Anne Good for this information.

By the way, the title of this lecture is from a poem called "In the Manner of G.S" by Georgios Seferis. I looked it up on Columbia Granger's World of Poetry.

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