Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Remembered

If you have a chance to come by the library today from 2pm to 11pm, Melissa Doyle has put together an excellent display of books on topics related to the attack on America and its aftermath. Something profoundly changed in our nation that day ten years ago. I don't think we ever considered ourselves safe or untouchable again. Most of our students were just children on 9/11. I am very interested to hear their recollections. They may not remember what life was like before that day. Sometimes I can't.

There was division in our country before, and there was division afterward, but for a little while there none of that mattered. We were united in our shock and grief. This blogger had a small daughter who was two days away from celebrating her first birthday, and I wondered what kind of a world we had brought her into. I couldn't envision what 9/11/11 would be like. I am proud to see that ten years later, our flag is still waving.

Maybe with the passage of time, we can reflect on actions we did or did not take personally or as a nation. Not everyone is in agreement with the paths we took. There will always be time for debate on important issues like war and individual liberties. Some of the books in our display can give different perspectives as we wrestle with these questions. I am proud to be associated with an institution of higher learning in which we can discuss these issues seriously and openly. I am even more proud to live in a country where this is possible.

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