Monday, June 6, 2011

A staff member returns from Peru!

Congratulations and welcome back to library staff member Melissa Doyle! Melissa just returned from a three-week stint in Peru, studying abroad and helping out with a library automation project. Melissa shares details about the journey here at

This map of Peru was taken from one of my favorite library databases, Global Road Warrior, a great guide for practical business and pleasure travel as well as a resource for studying about other countries and cultures.

Peru just had its second round of presidential elections yesterday. For timely political and economic updates about countries around the world, check out another library database, CountryWatch. Both CountryWatch and Global Road Warrior are accessible from the library website.

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stumblebee said...

the peruvian elections were hotly contested by the voters, who felt neither candidate was viable. both keiko and ollanta have pasts which make our politicians look squeaky clean! -melissa