Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Back! Congratulations to our winners!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fun break and is coming back rested and rejuvenated for the second half of the semester!

If you didn't get to travel as much as you'd like, or if you're still in the mood for adventure, I'd like to remind you of our ongoing Year Of Oceania activities! What better destination for a mental escape than the exotic South Pacific, from Hawaii to Australia? Remember, you can always stop by the library and check out one of our "Year Of" books or "Year Of" movies just for enjoyment. If you'd like, you can write a brief review of the book or movie and submit it to Stephanie Olsen in the library ( for consideration in our monthly essay contest. Our essay winner for February is Mi Vuong.

We also have the winners for our February trivia contest. The question:

"According to the Maori, what is the term used to denote 'descendant,' and what is its meaning?"

The answer:
The Maori term for "descendant" is uri; its precise meaning is "offspring or issue".

The winners are:
Thomas Bagley
Ashley Davis
Karen Garland
Jayne Hunter
Denny Jones
Jamie Landers
Lauren Long
Kirsten Mazur
Morgan Sparks
Sandra Zuniga

Congratulations to all of our winners. Each will receive a super-sharp "Year of Oceania" t-shirt, designed by our own Stephanie Olsen.

There's still a chance to get your t-shirt! Be watching for our next contest.

Don't forget the ongoing "Year of Oceania" film series. The next movie, "The Man from Snowy River," will be shown at 2 pm this Thursday in Tarpley 213.

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