Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Would you like an insider's view of the world of public broadcasting? Thursday at 2 pm on the third floor of the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center, Nancy Hall, the former executive director of Georgia Public Broadcasting, will be giving a talk entitled "Public Broadcasting: Life in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."

As Executive Director of Georgia Public Broadcasting, Nancy Hall served as the general manager of Georgia’s statewide public television, public radio and satellite- and web-based, distance learning networks. She was also President of the Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia. She retired in October 2008. Before joining GPB in 1995 as director of External Affairs, she served as Special Assistant to Georgia School Superintendent Werner Rogers, working in public affairs, including intergovernmental initiatives such as The Family Connection and Governor Miller's Policy Council on Children and Families. While living in Virginia, she worked in Jimmy Carter's campaign for president and the Henry Howell campaign for Governor. She is currently treasurer of Georgia Women for a Change, a member of the Board of the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy and the Atlanta Press Club, where she serves on the scholarship committee. She was recognized as a Woman of Achievement by the Greater Atlanta YWCA in 2007 and recently received the Linda Torrence Award for Leadership in Media and Arts, given by the Georgia Women's Institute. She is a graduate of Leadership Georgia, the Regional Leadership Institute and the Georgia Executive Leadership Institute. Nancy graduated from the University of Georgia, where she was a news reporter and editor of The Red and Black. From Savannah, she graduated from Savannah High School, and was a classmate of Reinhardt's own Assistant Professor Larry Webb.

Thank you to Larry Webb for this information! It should be a fascinating talk for communications majors and anyone who enjoys the quality programming of public broadcasting. After all, we all live in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood!

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