Thursday, October 7, 2010


Congratulations to Zach Dunbar, Deena Hutson and Gigi Martinez! They are the winners of the Year of Oceania Eyes Tattoo contest!

The aim was to provide the correct number of eyes in the French Polynesian tattoo design pictured here. There are 182 eyes in this tattoo! Zach was closet with his guess of 184, and Gigi and Deena were right behind him with their answers of 185 and 186 respectively.

These three all won a "Year of Oceania" t-shirt.

Stay tuned for our next contest!

Remember, our Year of Oceania essay contest is ongoing. All you have to do is read a book or watch a movie about the Oceania region from our library, or attend any Year of Oceania event. Then write a two to three paragraph summery on the movie, book, or event. Turn it in at the library to either Michael Martinez or Stephanie Olsen. A new winner will be chosen each month.

Good luck! And sharp eyes there, Zach, Gigi and Deena!

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