Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't miss all the fun today!

Hey, folks, make sure to stop by the Gordy/Hasty lawn area today. There's going to be all kinds of fun and games going on with several Welcome Week festivities happening today.

From 11am - 1pm today is the Student Activities Fair. Trust me, from my advanced age looking back on my college years, the more you can get involved with what's going on on campus, the better your college career will be. There's sure to be something to catch your interest. Take a look, find out what's going on around you! Especially be sure to check out the table for the Year of Oceania. Library staff member and artist Stephanie Olsen will be giving temporary tattoos of her own design. Stephanie created the turtle logo for the "Year of" this year (and last year's bear logo). I've already got my awesome whorl tattoo she gave me this morning. You can stop by the library and check ME out.

Then from 4:00 until 8:00pm, the Gordy Lawn is the site of the Block Party sponsored by Residence Life, Aramark, Campus Ministry, and the Residence Hall Association. There will be food, music, more games and give-aways (who doesn't love swag?).

At some point, especially if you're into good, fresh homegrown food and local crafts, you're going to want to mosey over across the street to the parking lot behind the former Waleska First Baptist Church. From 4:30 to 8:30 pm the Waleska Farmer's Market at Reinhardt University will be happening. Get some tasty treats or some pretty plants to take back to your dorm room. Reinhardt's own chef John Young is going to be giving a cooking demonstration, preparing fresh local fruit and salads. If you've not been to one of our farmer's markets, you should see all the fun you've been missing out on this summer. The market is the brainchild of Reinhardt horticulturist Zach White. He started it up in May, and it has just become wildly popular. Seriously, it is the place to be in Waleska! You have no idea.

Enjoy it all today!

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