Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PRICE CHECK at the Circulation Desk!

Hello all,

We've changed the prices on some of the services and items available at the library. Color printing (which we can do for you at the desk) is now 50 cents per page, and available to members of the Reinhardt community only. (I understand that most other schools charge 75 cents a page, so even though this is a price increase, it's still a bargain). Photocopies are now a dime instead of a nickel. Highlighters are 50 cents. We are no longer selling headphones (but of course they are still available for checkout).

Is there any good news? YES! Our 1-gig flash drives which were $10.00 apiece last year are now reduced to $5.00!

Of course, using our computers and checking out our books and movies are always free. ;) That's some good news in a recession, right?

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