Thursday, May 14, 2009

CountryWatch: Website to the world (tm)

Dear Library Blogger,
Which database would you recommend if I need to find out information about, like, countries, and their economies or whatever?
Signed, Fictitious Student

Dear Fictitious,
Believe it or not, I get that question all the time, from students who aren't in the least fictitious! My answer is always CountryWatch. You can find the link on the left side of our homepage under "Articles & More." CountryWatch is really an incredibly helpful tool, especially for you international business students. In one place, the CountryReviews section, you can find demographic, political, economic, business, historical, cultural and environmental information about each of the world's recognized countries. The CountryWire provides daily news coverage for all countries. You can also find maps and even intelligence briefings on significant political developments.

Personally, I would consult CountryWatch when planning any international travel, for business or pleasure. There are even helpful tips for navigating the customs and etiquette of other countries (avoid the "ugly American" stereotype please)!

Today I was browsing World Health Reports, a CountryWatch product. World Health Reports offers a comprehensive review of the health care systems of many countries, along with health-related news. (Yes, I admit it--I was tracking the spread of A/h1n1 flu). This is a great tool for comparing the quality and costs of health care in different countries, as well as giving a pretty good perspective on standards of living around the world.

There are more uses for CountryWatch than I can touch on here. Why don't you check it out for yourself? It may end up being one of your favorite sources for international information, too.

Signed, Your Faithful Library Blogger

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